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The Riptide baseball program was created to develop the skills, discipline, and strong character necessary for our players to reach the highest level of personal and professional growth, while emphasizing a strong commitment to education.  We are committed to supporting our players in fulfilling their potential by providing intensive instruction and an opportunity to compete at a high level of play where discipline, teamwork, and good sportsmanship are expected.  We feel that the foundation of our program comes from the strength and professionalism of our staff, as well as the support of our players and parents.  It is our hope that these principles will be internalized and remain with each of our players throughout his life both on and off the baseball field.

SoCal Riptide is a non-profit organization that was formed to provide quality baseball instruction to players who have a strong character and good grades.  SoCal Riptide is a College development program. Our goal is to develop the players in our program both mentally and physically and to help them play and succeed at the next level whether that is collegiate or professional baseball.  Our high school program players are exposed to college coaches and professional scouts by playing in showcase events. Members of our 16U and 18U teams are invited after each high school season to participate in a college showcase. Available roster positions are then filled by tryouts.  9U - 15U teams will be selected through try-outs for each season.  

SoCal Riptide is more than a 'travel ball' organization.  Our goal is not to compete for the purpose of 'winning' trophies, rather to establish our three main principles:

1.) Education – Once you have caught the eye of a recruiter, the very next thing that is looked at is your GPA. 

2.) Development – Our focus is simple: Get better every day. Each player has specific talents which will be catered to by the coaches in a unique personalized manner. This means that the coaches will be giving players instruction and drills to work on at home as well as the field. Every player on every team practices, but we believe the players that work when no one is looking and no teams are practicing will get better and soon master their baseball craft.

3.) Recruiting – If you have the education and you are developing as a player, the recruiting will fall into place. We are here to help you reach out to specific schools of choice and can be used as a reference to speak on behalf of the player.

As a College development program, our participation in elite events is to showcase our players for the recruiting arena. Recruiters will recognize our program and players as playing the game 'the right way'. They will look to our program not only for talent, but for players and families of strong character.  


Tom Corbin (President)

Matt Wheatland (Program Director)

Max Simunec (Youth Coach)

Kevin Sullivan (Youth Coach)

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